Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How To Stay Motivated

KRI10km 3rd 10km race n I got my 1st run maa

Do we like to run but find excuses not to? Sure we all have our favorite excuses, don’t we? So how do we stay motivated?

Keep a training log A running log can allow us to plot our routes and record our training runs. We’ll be impressed when we see our times and weight come down and our speed and fitness go up. Once we build up a history of training times we’ll be able to see how can we perform on different sectors.

Enter a race Set ourself a target of racing 2, 3 or even 6 months down the line and work towards that race. Intersperse our training with other races to break up the routine of training. If we were never been in a race before try one of the big city events where we’ll be wowed by the whole experience.

Use different routes Don’t choose the same old route and distance time after time. Run different distances on different terrain. Vary the scenery that you see.

Run with friends If we run with a friend or group of friends we’ll feel guilty about letting them down. We’ll also have the benefit, of course, of being able to chat with our training partner.


PrincessRen said...

i lose my motivation. dont ask why... maybe i'll start fresh again next yr. u just keep on doin wat u do k ;D

Abu Soffian said...

Mary: P tengok cerita ROCKY la...good 4 U