Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Date: 29nd August 2008
Day: Friday
Time: Target start at 10.00pm from McD Genting Sempah
Route: McD Genting Sempah -- Top of Genting Highlands
Distance: +/- 20km
Participant list:
......(all are welcome to join us)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Men's Open Category
Must reached the peak (4095.2M @ KM8.72) within 2 hrs 30 mins and back to finishing line within 2 hrs.....GILER


Fairuz and I reached the 3653M (KM 7) at 2 hrs 20 mins and decided to patah balik....
Cut off for the return section 2hrs...mampus but....
Slow slow.....we reached the finishing line at 2 hrs 24 mins. Total time 4 hrs 45 mins

Aku dapat Medal.....cant believe it....Yahoooooooo

Thursday (21.8.2008)
LCCT at 6pm
Dinner at KK...sea food

Friday (22.8.2008)
Burger King pun ok gak
Yip, Yusran, AJ, Fairuz, Abu
Amoi Filipino

Saturday (23.8.2008)
Good Luck to AJ n Yusran
You are finisher.....tapi tak dapat medal
Geng Power
Filipino lagi
Mampus aku

Sunday (24.8.2008)
Good Luck
Are you ready?
We are the champion....dapat Medal
Ada year?
Dengan Champion.....Men's Open Category

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mt. I come

Hahaha.....tomorrow I will leaving to Sabah for my first attempt for Kinabalu climbathon.
And due to NO training/preparation so I decide to run for fun....the important is NO injury after race. Wish me luck...Okey

Nov 2006
Aug 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good start

Desaru Triathlon Long Distance
Swim 2km in 01:08:27
T1 00:05:16
Bike 90km in 02:59:45
T2 00:03:15
Run 21km in 02:29:53

TOTAL in 06:47:07

What da lovely race
Memang Best
Good Timing...hahahahaha

Hari ni kita habis sama2 ye
'Good Luck ayah'.....HANA
Go AbuBoyot Go
'Ayah..U're my Champion'.....HANA

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Training for speed

Well after spending a lot of time driving the past few days I finally got back on track today and spent a little time doing some speed work. The past weekend was a bit of a write off for training, I was in lazy mood (Malas Gilerrr). Balasannya.....KOTR 22.7km race I managed to finish in 2:22:55. What a bad race.

So for Desaru race this training preparation will be...hahahahahha

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Day off

Makan Durian......memang best
Tido atas jalan lagi best daripada kayuh beskal
Tengoh TV pun best jugak
Wendy...thank you for dating

Friday, August 1, 2008

Desaru race weight target 74kg

Outsiders often think that athletes never have to worry about weight. That all the exercise that we do allows to eat absolutely anything in sight. The truth is actually quite the opposite. Sure, we are unlikely to get BOYOT, but we also have a much different idea of what is acceptable. We ask a lot of our bodies and our bodies deserve some help from us in return. Here is where there is a delicate balance:

1. We need to fuel the body so that it can perform optimally

2. We need to stay light and lean. Running is a high impact activity. Every extra kilogram we carry is more force on the joints. Furthermore, lighter is faster. Kalau boleh nak bentuk badan macam Saiful Kodi...hehehehhe

From now on I have decided to be more serious about my day to day nutrition. I need big breakfast every morning, good recovery with protein after my hard workouts and no food after 8pm.

Well today, I'm not yet hit what I consider acceptable race weight! I'm still BOYOT. Macam mana nak laju haaa?