Friday, August 1, 2008

Desaru race weight target 74kg

Outsiders often think that athletes never have to worry about weight. That all the exercise that we do allows to eat absolutely anything in sight. The truth is actually quite the opposite. Sure, we are unlikely to get BOYOT, but we also have a much different idea of what is acceptable. We ask a lot of our bodies and our bodies deserve some help from us in return. Here is where there is a delicate balance:

1. We need to fuel the body so that it can perform optimally

2. We need to stay light and lean. Running is a high impact activity. Every extra kilogram we carry is more force on the joints. Furthermore, lighter is faster. Kalau boleh nak bentuk badan macam Saiful Kodi...hehehehhe

From now on I have decided to be more serious about my day to day nutrition. I need big breakfast every morning, good recovery with protein after my hard workouts and no food after 8pm.

Well today, I'm not yet hit what I consider acceptable race weight! I'm still BOYOT. Macam mana nak laju haaa?


Anonymous said...

Wah ... sikarang pun dah POWER MAUT! Kalau macam Saiful ... man ... Hafiz Wong better watch out!


yipwt said...

Hmm...jaga makan. Don't take so much lemak lemak food...

I think it's more on calories. Eat more..and the body stores them as fat.

Abu Soffian said...

Jamil: Ko lari lagi laju drpd aku la.
Hafiz Wong...hahahaha...dlm mimpi la.

Yip: Aiyooo Saiful suruh 2 bulan jangan makan fast food.

haza said...

Not just lemak2 food...gula tersembunyi pun bahaya juga. Like me...when I analyse why my bodyfat tinggi giler I realise altho I watch my calories, most of my calories datang dari carbs yg tak terbakar sebab I don't exert enough. So ekceli carbs pun kena kontrol walaupun kita perlu carbs to train.'s a curselah, sebab badan dah adapt to this level of exertion. Nak bakar lebih kena train lebih pada intensity yang lebih. Aiyo!

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum kita punyai masalah yg sama hendak kepis kan perut BOYOT
membelenggu fikiran dan minda-azizi