Monday, February 11, 2008

Taper Time

Two of my favorite words "taper time."This is the best part of the training… TAPER we as runners, bikers, and swimmers never learn to rest, and it’s very important. I have been reading a lot and the way our muscles recover from extreme exercises is to allow them to properly rest/recover. It has been a long way to be in this moment now, 11 days away from my first Ironman, and I have to tell you that tapering has been a great part of my training. It doesn’t mean that you don’t exercise more, it means that instead of doing 2-3hrs of daily training and 10-12hrs of weekend training, you allow your body to do 1hr-2hrs of weekday training and perhaps 7hr-10hrs of weekend training. The closer the event February 23rd, the less you do.

BYE BYE MERIDA frame.......
Dari Semenanjung merentasi South China Sea
Proton Saga....kebanggaan Malaysia


Tey said...

Bor Abu:

Hope u recover asap.

Take care and rest enough,ready for IRONMAN....!

Abu Soffian said...

Tey sifu....TQ. See U in Langkawi.

bola2api said...

beskal baru jugak.... bagus bagus

Azman said...

Huiyo. Itu first punya gambar manyiak beshhh woooo. Gambar frame pun best.