Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ironman Finisher

It feels really really sweet to be able to type the above title. After nearly 15 hrs 30min (15:27:31 officially) of continuous effort I finally crossed the finish line at Ironman Langkawi. A special thanks to everyone who ventured to Langkawi especially for your support. Seeing familiar faces and hearing familiar voices made all the different in the world. Thank You!
IM Shazly, AbuPower n IM Sepon
Abu n Abu
Jakull..tQ 4 your support
Go Abu Go
I like running
My beloved Hana
Ta daaa...Thank you Pelikan
IM Langkawi...see U next year


Stupe said...

POwer..memang POwer

zulhassan said...

taniah...belum apa2 dah target tahun depan, aku rasa macam ramai yg dah tak betul ni!!!!! seram lak aku

yipwt said...

hi abu, congrats on finishing's toughest race.

Belacak said...

Gua dah lama kena racun masuk IM ni! Ada orang cabar kalo gua kalahkan dia, dia akan lari bogel kat Kuah!
Gua nak start training ni! Panas telinga nih! hu hu

Carboman said...

Congrats and well done! Excellent achievement!

Abu Soffian said...

Stupe.....Power...Power Monyets

ZulHassan...TQ Bang. KLIM ko masuk tak?

Yip...TQ Bro....I still have 29 days for next marathon...aiyaaa takut la

Belacak...Kalu ko nak training IM...ajak aku sekali ye

Carboman....TQ dude. Wat da lovely day

C-CUBE said...

Tahniah terhadap kejayaan kamu di Langkawi sebagai ORANG BESI

Fairuz said...

abiyan, ramai kawan2 congrats u, hehe, bagus, i bangga dgn u....

Bink said...

Abu, power la lu abu..ironabu la sekarang.hehe

Anonymous said...

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