Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I’m still alive, but it’s still sort of crazy busy around here. But I wanted to do a quick update:
A day before UM duathlon...went to my friend wedding at Penang...best carbo loading..hehehe
I think I'm not doing 100% during UM Duathlon....jalan basah laaa
R: 5km in 26:22
T1: 1:00
B: 20km in 44:22
T2: 1:08
R: 5km in 29:14
Position 19th...behind Stupe, Fairuz, Saiful
My 1st date...hehe with my daughter la..went to Midvalley to watch cinema...
LOVE IS CINTA....love story babe!..hehehe
Next day....my 2nd 10km Adidas King of the road
I did 54:12 n position was 107th....ok laa
My 1st PJ Half Marathon
21km in 2:11:16
Position 94th (Men Veteran...jangan marah haaa)
I like this picture...hehehehehe
Last but not least...hope everything is well with you all.

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PrincessRen said...

wah respect u laaa.. u mmg rajin.. tak mcm i nih. malas :P maybe i cu nxt mth.. i thnk nak join 1 of the running races.