Thursday, December 21, 2006

Penang Relay Results

I would like to say this race was absolutely the most enjoyable event I've taken part in since starting to run. Thank you Ronnie de Captain and all team of runners and supporters.
Mina san.....Arigato Gozaimashita.
This race relay was covering a total distance of 72.6km. Each runner had to run different legs covering various distances.

Peewitttt.....Saiful n I
The Adidas Pacemakers team...Cayok cayok

Get set....Gooooooooo

Leg 1 (7.5km) - Richard Habeya - 28:31

Richard hand over baton to Naresh.

Leg 2 (7.3km) - Naresh Kumar - 30:31

Leg 3 (6.3km) - Gunaselan - 27:23

Guna pass baton to Sim.

Leg 4 (3.9km) - Sim Boon Haw - 18:52

Leg 5 (5.0km) - Dinesh Sri Kumaran - 22:26

DK hand over baton to Khoo

Leg 6 (6.4km) - Khoo Yit Kiat - 27:59

Wah..Our best supporter...Rachel Lee

Leg 7 (5.7km) - Ronnie See - 25:47

Leg 8 (7.5km) - Lai Fong Sang - 32:53

Lai passing me the baton. Go Abu Go..

Leg 9 (5.3km) - Abu - 28:18

My brother...Saiful. Macam nak makan Laksa je. Leg 10 - 30:25

Leg 11 (6.4km) - Eric Teo Chun Hin - 29:03

Our last Hero. Kelvin....aauuuuu

Leg 12 (5.1km) - Kelvin Ng Ching Her - 25:59

Total Fihishing Time - 5 hours 28 mins 07sec

Super BULUman.....yahooooo

It was an amazing experience and I hope to take part in this relay again next year. I wan to beat my time...28:21 (5.3km)


Rachel Lee said...

Hi Abu,

Call me Rachel lar, y call my full name... :p

My running style look ugly lar, pls delete it fr ur blog.


C-CUBE said...

we met in the Sports shop (Peninsula Plaza) in SG during the recent SIM06. u was together with your brother. anyway great to hear that you done well in the relay. by the way in future if u need to but any running shoes let me know. I am selling Saucony and ASICS, got good discount for you and the Pacemakers group. you can contact me at or 0193289083. cheers bro....ccube