Monday, October 29, 2007

4th Maratona preparation

1 Week to go for TICINO de Maratona

Week 39- Total running 52km..Max 22km
Week 40- Total running 56km..Max 25km
Week 41- Total running 62km..Max 30km
Week 42- Total running 58km..Max 20km
Week 43- Total running 65km..Max 30km
This Week- Taper la....6km everyday until Friday coz on the 3rd November gonna fly to Zurich

Start running at 4.20am...make sure No PENGSAN haa after 30km
24km to go...everything OK
20km to go....Aiyaa Petronas still not open yet
Yahoo...10km to go
Saiful n KP very sap sap soi
Gaya letih...hehehehe. 3km to go. We finished at 7.50am

After 30km...Body condition n Mental OK. I'm really happy can Pia Pia at hills. Thanks to my bro Saiful and Taiko KP... U 2 guys very very power. KP...hope I can run with U again before U go for Singapore marathon.


KP said...


Very happy to run with u and Saiful.. good luck in your Switzerland Marathon. Look forward for our next training.

Abu Soffian said...

KP: Thanks bro. See U later

Ali said...

fuiyo...all the best encik abu!!
selamat berlari di europe...sana sejuk wei...seronok lari...

z said...

abang memang POWER....Have fun in Switzerland.

bola2api said...

good luck in switzerland!!

Abu Soffian said...

Ali, Z, Aini: Thank you. Hopefully every gonna be OK...espcially on race day