Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Le Tour de Ipoh

First Stage
Date: 12th April 2008 (POSTPONE)

Start: 8.00am
From KL to Ipoh
Distance: 200km+

Aid Station (Up to you.....hahahaha)

Average speed below 26km/hour (go ahead speeding if u want but remember, tomorrow we have to cycle back again)

Final Stage

Date: 13th April 2008
Start: 8.00am
From Ipoh to KL (depend on anybody where to finish as long as in KL)
Distance: 200km+
Aid Station (suke hati, lagi byk lagi bagus)
Average speed below 26km/hour (if u want to speed, go ahead!!but remember, tomorrow we have to work)

- Lance Amstrong
- Faris al Sultan
- M Kumaresan
- Rosman Alwi

- Saiful Kodi
- Abu Power

- ......(all are welcome to join us)

Stolen from Saiful my Mentor website


Anonymous said...

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Perghhhh best gilerrr

neeza said...

weyh, KLIM wat full ke half weyh

Abu Soffian said...

Buat full....jom la lari full